How to speed up your wordpress website



How to speed up your WordPress website



It does matter how beautiful is your website design, it does not matter how good your content is there, none of it will matter if your site takes a lot of time  to load.

cause website’s page loading speed influences everything from traffic to bounce rate to conversions, user satisfaction, and, ultimately, profits.

Top 3 Tips

Optimize your images

Did you know? Images take 30% to 90% space of pages total size.

This means that loading your images can take from 30% to 90% of the total time as well.

well, is it 30% or 90%? The accurate ratio depends on your site’s design and type of content you publish. The great news is that you can check this easily.


optimize your images with a Website development company in pune.




purchase quality hosting

Always purchase quality hosting service.

Because hosting is so important for website speed.

Cheap web host providers do not give quality hosting. Their hostings are cheap but not good. 


Get advice from a Website development company in Pune.



Use a proper Theme

when we are talking about WordPress themes: they can be an important factor in website speed.. They offer a lot of features that slow down your site from sheer weight. Bear in mind features!

For that reason, try to find a theme that has just what you need and nothing more., get a lightweight theme and, add functionality via plugins. This way you can keep things lean and lightweight. Your loading time will be fast. This does sometimes require rebuilding 









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